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Invisible Education Enablers

We all wish great future for our kid. And that is natural human instinct. If that is also missing, it is either animal in human body or robotic human. All human parents, like other animals, have that feeling and dream to see own child in great future.
But will the wishful thinking help?

Look at the diagram. Any child’s total development is only possible when key institutions and individuals mentioned in diagram act unanimously, with same goal and zeal as you as a parent has.
We think, school will do this job and invest heavily in it. Not only as an individual but also as a society and govt. School do play role but very minor. Look at the diagram. Do we have control over it? Are putting efforts so that all these entities act best so that a kid can grow and live life for a sublime cause?

Think about it.

About diagram : मित्रगण, माता-पिता, कुटुंब, समाज, विद्यालय – all of them project and demonstrate something and kid pick them up as संस्कार or habits. Good and bad.

प्रकृति & गुरु play larger role. They stay with a kid forever. Mother nature from birth and गुरु from second birth (when child is ready for formal education).

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